Guild Wars 2 Elementalist PVP Build

The Elementalist is a hard class to play since it has light armor and not as much healing as other classes. However, with the right elementalist pvp build, it can become a very deadly professions in the right hands. Elementalists control the forces of nature to destroy their enemies and strengthen their allies. Water, earth, fire, and air are conjured and deliver enormous damage over large areas.

Top 3 Elementalist Builds

Glass Staff Burner

Burn your enemies up fast.

Dagger Dagger Build

Take the point and keep it.

Scepter Dagger Build

Be ready for anything.

More Builds

  • Build Profile: Balanced
  • Weapon Set: Scepter/Dagger

Elementalist Scepter Dagger Build

This balanced build has a lot of mobility and survivablilty. It relies on condition damage to take down foes.

  • Build Profile: Bunker
  • Weapon Set: Dagger/Dagger

Elementalist Dagger Dagger Cantrip Build

Get in, get out, and survive long enough to take down your enemies. This is the build people are talking about when they complain they can never catch an Elementalist.

  • Build Profile: Glass Cannon
  • Weapon Set: Staff

Elementalist Glass Staff Burner

Fire can be used for its AE damage potential while using Staff 4 for the extra evade. When you and your group begin to take damage, and you will be the target believe me, switch to water and start the snares and heals while your group keeps the heat off you.

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