Elementalist Dagger Dagger Cantrip Build

Build Profile Bunker
Weapon Set Dagger/Dagger
Runes (WvW) Superior Rune of the Ogre x6
Runes (sPVP) Superior Rune of the Ogre x6
Jewely (WVW) Soldier’s or Berserker’s
Amulet (sPVP) Soldiers Amulet


Major Traits

Minor Traits

  • Soothing Disruption
  • Flame Barrier
  • Cantrip Mastery
  • Soothing Mist
  • Cleansing Water
  • Healing Ripple
  • Elemental Attunement
  • Bountiful Power
  • Final Shielding
  • Lingering Elements
  • Evasive Arcana
  • Arcane Fury
  • Spell Slinger
  • Arcane Preceision


Slot Skills

Glyph of Elemental Harmony

Mist Form

Armor of Earth

Cleansing Fire

Glyph of Elementals

Dagger/Dagger Build in Action

About This Build

This Elementalist build is the most popular with roaming, solo, and small groups. The Elementalist has amazing survivability and is all but uncatchable when she tries to run. The damage isn’t amazing but the toon stays alive so long she can outlast almost anyone.

Runes are all offensive in nature and the defense of the build comes from traits. If you move away from this try not to change out the runes too much. Any decrease in offense is going to profoundly affect the build and may turn into 30 minute fights with no winner. Cantrips break stuns and heal so you should never get totally locked down adding even more mobility to an already insane arsenal.

Example attack rotation:

This is just one example to get you started and in the chaos of a real fight these long combos won’t happen. Watch the video above for more hints and strats.

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