Guild Wars 2 Engineer PVP Build

Engineer Main PageAlthough not the most popular class, a player with a solid engineer PvP build will surprise others with just how effective they are on the battlefields. Engineers are the masters of technology and chemical warfare in Guild Wars 2. Using devices and chemical agents to control the battlefield and bring down their foes is the focus of this profession.

Top 3 Engineer Builds

Pistol-Pistol Elixir

Burn your enemies up fast.

Engineer Bomb Build

Take the point and keep it.

Alchemist Build

Be ready for anything.

More Builds

  • Build Profile: Bunker
  • Weapon Set: Pistol/Pistol

Engineer Bomb Build

Outlast them all while you hold your point with this defensive build that focuses bomb synergy.

  • Build Profile: Balanced
  • Weapon Set: Pistol/Pistol

Balanced Alchemist Build

Build Profile: Balanced Weapon Set: Pistol Weapon Set: Pistol Sigil: Superior Earth Sigil: Superior Earth Runes (WvW): Monk x2, Afflicted […]

  • Build Profile: Glass Cannon
  • Weapon Set: Pistol/Pistol

Elixir Engineer Build

Use condition damage to bring down your enemies while you skirt the edges of the battle. You can’t take many hits so be quick about it!

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