Engineer Balanced Alchemist Build

Build Profile Balanced
Weapon Set Pistol/Pistol
Runes (WvW) Monk x2, Afflicted x2, Krait x2
Runes (sPVP) Monk x2, Afflicted x2, Krait x2
Jewely (WVW) Rampager
Amulet (sPVP) Rampager


Major Traits

Minor Traits

  • Incendiary Powder
  • Evasive Powder Keg
  • Rifled Barrels
  • Sharpshooter
  • Napalm Specialist
  • Target the Weak
  • Coated Bullets
  • Target the Maimed
  • Fast-Acting Elixirs
  • Hidden Flask
  • Cleaning Formula 409
  • Transmute
  • Potent Elixirs
  • Energy Conversion Matrix

Slot Skills

Elixir H

Elixir U

Elixir B

Elixir S

Supply Crate

Balanced Alchemist Build in Action

About This Build

Although this build leans on the side of damage it is well balanced and has a lot of survivability considering how much pain it can cause. The sigils are explained in the video as is the skill choice. Watch how the build is used in sPVP paying close attention to when and how the Engineer enters and leaves combat. This build works best if you stick and move.

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