Engineer Bomb Build

Build Profile Bunker
Weapon Set Pistol/Pistol
Runes (WvW) Superior Rune of the Engineer x6
Runes (sPVP) Superior Rune of the Engineer x6
Jewely (WVW) Rabid
Amulet (sPVP) Rabid Amulet


Major Traits

Minor Traits

  • Forceful Explosives
  • Evasive Powder Keg
  • Short Fuse
  • Reserve Mines
  • Precise Sights
  • Steel Packed Powder
  • Cloaking Device
  • Sharpshooter
  • Reinforced Shield
  • Target the Weak
  • Fast-Acting Elixirs
  • Low Health Response System
  • Automated Medical Response
  • Hidden Flask

Slot Skills

Elixir H

Bomb Kit

Elixir B

Net Turret

Supply Crate

Balanced Alchemist Build in Action

About This Build

Survival comes from boons, as does some of the damage. The control this build has is much better than it may appear and considering everything around you is doing damage to your enemies just getting near the engineer is painful. Conditions are where a large portion of your damage is coming from so this feels weaker against Guardians. As a point defender in sPVP this build is great.

Check out the video above from Optics on how to properly use this build.

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