Guardian Greatsword DPS Build

Build Profile Glass Cannon
Weapon Set Scepter/Shield
Weapon Set 2 Greatsword
Runes (WvW) Superior Runes of the Forgex6
Runes (sPVP) Superior Runes of the Forgex6
Jewely (WVW) :Earing of the Berzerkerx2, Amulet of the Berzerker
Amulet (sPVP) PVP Berzerker’s Amulet


Major Traits

Minor Traits

  • Fiery Wrath
  • Zealot’s Speed
  • Scepter Power
  • Symbolic Exposure
  • Zealous Blade
  • Symbolic Power
  • Signet Mastery
  • Justice is Blind
  • Blind Exposure
  • Renewed Justice
  • Perfect Inscriptions
  • Radiant Power
  • Retributive Armor
  • Valorous Defense

Slot Skills

Signet of Resolve

Sword of Justice

Purging Flames

Hold the Line

Renew Focus

Greatsword DPS Build in Action

About This Build

This build is called an “Iron Cannon” because it does great damage but it does pay attention to survivability. This is reflected in the rune choice of Rune of the Forge as it brings the defensive proc at 50% life. Please note that jewelry can be traded out to increase condition damage if you don’t want to go full berserker and you can also bring in more toughness this way.

Signet of Mastery is the largest heal available to the Guardian, and with Signet Mastery you get a shorter cooldown to help this along. Add Renewed Focus to this and you get defense by way of the invulnerability as well as a virtue reset.

I won’t go into the various burning aspect of this build because it’s self-evident. The entire build is centered on burning so keep people on fire and you win. You can use more than one spirit weapon but one is certainly enough to get the fire going.

Post a comment if you have a change to this build!

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