Mesmer Sword Pistol Bunker Build

Build Profile Bunker
Weapon Set Sword/Pistol
Weapon Set 2 Staff
Runes (WvW) Dwayna x6
Runes (sPVP) Runes of the Ogrex6
Jewely (WVW) Shaman
Amulet (sPVP) Shaman


Major Traits

Minor Traits

  • Phantasmal Fury
  • Critical Infusion
  • Sharper Images
  • Deceptive Evasion
  • Illusionary Defense
  • Metaphysical Rejuvenation
  • Mirror of Anguish
  • Illusionary Membrane
  • Vigorous Revelation
  • Vengeful Images
  • Mender’s Purity
  • Phantasmal Healing
  • Restorative Illusions
  • Phantasmal Strength

Slot Skills

Ether Feast


Mirror Images

Portal Entre

Mass Invisibility

Sword Pistol Bunker Build in Action

About This Build

And so you never thought you would find a Mesmer bunker build? Survive forever and make your enemies quit with this crazy build and find out why this class is one of the most versatile in the game. Don’t miss the rotation and skill discussion on the video.

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