Necromancer Bunker Support Build

Build Profile Bunker
Weapon Set Staff
Weapon Set 2 Scepter/Warhorn
Runes (WvW) Afflicted x6
Runes (sPVP) Afflicted x6
Jewely (WVW) Sentinel
Amulet (sPVP) Sentinel


Major Traits

Minor Traits

  • Terror
  • Barbed Precision
  • Focused Rituals
  • Furious Demise
  • Lingering Curse
  • Target the Weak
  • Greater Marks
  • Reanimator
  • Staff Mastery
  • Protection of the Horde
  • Ritual of Life
  • Full of Life
  • Ritual Mastery
  • Vampiric

Slot Skills

Well of Blood

Well of Suffering

Well of Corruption

Well of Darkness

Flesh Golem

Necromancer Bunker Support Build in Action

About This Build

Not the most popular Necromancer build, this Bunker spec will keep you alive and support your group in both sPVP and WvW. The Wells provide all kinds of goodness for anyone around you so they serve on points or keep doors equally well. Watch the video for specifics on weapon usage and rotations.

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