Guild Wars 2 Warrior PVP Build

Guild Wars 2 Warrior PVP Build You'll find the warrior has many options for player-vs-player gaming depending upon how you spec him out. Mobility, toughness and strength are what the warrior is all about. The Warrior's unique mechanic is Adrenaline. Successful attacks build the warrior's adrenaline which can then be spent to power certain attacks.

Top 3 Warrior Builds

Greatsword Build

warrior-glass-cannonBurn your enemies up fast.

Defensive Hammer Build

warrior-bunkerTake the point and keep it.

Rifle Build

warrior-balancedBe ready for anything.

More Builds

Warrior Offensive Greatsword Build

Here is the build that causes all the crying. The burst on this warrior build is beyond insane, and if you have the skills to line it up correctly you will be a vicious killer.

Warrior Defensive Bunker Build

Stand tall and hold your point. This defensive warrior bunker build will outlast them all!

Warrior Balanced Tank Build

Be ready for anything with this build designed for a balanced playstyle. You won’t be the best at anything, but you will be useful anywhere.