Although it never reached it’s full potential, SWTOR PvP actually provided MMO players with a very fun experience. Many players have moved on from this game, but a new patch with some better PvP maps could easily bring a lot of them back.

PVP has started out simple in SWTOR. Too much so many players have stated. With only a handful of Warzones and a constant struggle to make world PVP fun (or existent) SWTOR has dropped the Huttball in this area (sorry).

Much like its predecessors Warhammer and Rift, players have a PVP level called Valor. Like experience points in PVE, Valor points level up a character in PVP. Increased Valor level gives access to more powerful gear and the ability to stomp lower tier players presumably. The battles can be fun, but the system lacks depth or variety in its current state. Fortunately this is an MMO and changes all the time! The following classes are available:

Bounty Hunter





Sith Warrior






Here are videos of the various battlegrounds you could participate in:

Warzone: Huttball

Warzone: Voidstar

Warzone: Civil War

Featured Video: SWTOR 3.0 Lvl 60 Gunnery Commando PvP

The Commando at work.

Featured Video: SWTOR 3.0 AP Powertech LvL 60 PvP

See why the AP Powertech is known for burst damage.