Death Knight PVP Spec Guide

Just about everybody who plays WoW has played one of these characters. Although they aren't the main choice of most PvPr's, with a good Death Knight PvP spec, they can provide a good amount of fun as a side character.Here are very good Blood, Frost and Unholy specs for your DK in Warcraft 6.1.

Choose Your Specialization


Last forever.


Control and destroy.


Spread blight.

The Death Knight was first introduced to the World of Warcraft universe in the expansion World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King and is the first hero class released.

Death Knight talents are split into the three trees of Blood, Frost, and Unholy. Although the original concept for the class what to allow players to tank using any spec, this is no longer the case. The specs and their uses are as follows:

  • Blood: This is the tank spec and in PVP this is all but unkillable in 1v1 combat. This line focuses on melee attacks and abilities that heal the Death Knight. Among these abilities are Improved Death Strike, Blood Parasite, Vampiric Blood, Rune Tap and more. Blood DKs will use two-handed weapons.
  • Frost: DPS and control are what the Frost line is all about. Huge crits and physical damage boosts along with snares and roots make this spec very useful in PVP. The damage output from this spec comes mostly from Obliterate, Frost Strike, Howling Blast, and white melee hits.
  • Unholy: Damage and PVP are where Unholy's strengths lie. Diseases and summoned minions are more useful with this line, as is AoE damage and mobility. Spell casters will have a hard time dealing with an Unholy DK which is a primary reason it is so popular in PVP. The damage of this line comes mainly from Scourge Strike, Death Coil, the ghoul pet, and melee hits.

More Specs

  • Damage Profile: Balanced
  • Defensive Profile: Balanced

Unholy Death Knight

Diseases and undead minions are where the Unholy Death Knight does her damage.

  • Damage Profile: High
  • Defensive Profile: Balanced

Frost Death Knight

Burst damage and control are the strengths of Frost spec..

  • Damage Profile: Low
  • Defensive Profile: High

Blood Death Knight

This spec is all about tanking ability and self-heals.

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