Balance PVP Spec Druid

Balance Druids are called Boomkins for a reason. Their spec specific form, the Moonkin, increases the effectiveness of damage spells as well as adds a higher degree of survivability. You can’t let a Boomkin freecast in the corner or people are going to die.

Most Popular Talents:

  • Displacer Beast
  • Nature’s Swiftness
  • Typhoon
  • Incarnation
  • Ursol’s Vortex
  • Nature’s Vigil

Stat Priority

Spell Hit (6%) > Intellect > Haste > Crit > Mastery

Major Glyphs

Glyph of the Moonbeast
Glyph of Barkskin
Glyph of Cyclone

Minor Glyphs

Glyph of Grace
Glyph of the Stag


Head – 2,250 Conquest Points
Tyranical Gladiator’s Kodohide Helm
Reforge: None

Neck – 1,250 Conquest Points
Tyranical Gladiator’s Pendant of Cruelty
Reforge: None

Shoulder – 1,750 Conquest Points
Tyrannical Gladiator’s Wyrmhide Spaulders
Enchant: Crane Wing Inscription
Reforge: Haste to Crit

Back – 1,250 Conquest Points
Tyrannical Gladiator’s Drape of Cruelty
Enchant: Enchant Cloak – Superior Intellect
Reforge: Haste to Mastery

Chest – 2,250 Conquest Points
Tyrannical Gladiator’s Wyrmhide Robes
Enchant:Enchant Chest – Super Resilience
Reforge: Haste to Mastery

Wrist – 1,250 Conquest Points
Tyrannical Gladiator’s Bindings of Meditation
Enchant: Enchant Bracer – Super Intellect
Reforge: None

Hands – 1,750 Conquest Points
Tyrannical Gladiator’s Wyrmhide Gloves
Enchant: Enchant Gloves – Superior Mastery
Reforge: None

Waist – 1,750 Conquest Points
Tyrannical Gladiator’s Belt of Cruelty
Enchant: Living Steel Belt Buckle
Reforge: None

Legs – 2,250 Conquest Points
Tyrannical Gladiator’s Wyrmhide Legguards
Enchant: Greater Cerulean Spellthread
Reforge: Haste to Crit

Feet – 1,750 Conquest Points
Tyrannical Gladiator’s Footguards of Meditation
Enchant: Enchant Boots – Pandaren’s Step
Reforge: Matery to Crit

Ring 1 – 1,250 Conquest Points
Tyrannical Gladiator’s Band of Meditation
Reforge: Haste to Crit

Ring 2 – 1,250 Conquest Points
Tyrannical Gladiator’s Band of Cruelty
Reforge: None

Trinket 1 – 1,750 Conquest Points
Tyrannical Gladiator’s Badge of Dominance
Reforge: None

Trinket 2 – 1,750 Conquest Points
Tyrannical Gladiator’s Medallion of Cruelty
Reforge: None

Tyrannical Gladiator’s Spellblade
Enchant: Enchant Weapon – Jade Spirit
Reforge: Crit to Mastery

Weapon (Off-Hand)
Tyrannical Gladiator’s Reprieve
Enchant: Enchant Off-Hand – Major Intellect
Reforge: Spirit to Crit


Red: Reckless Vermilion Onyx, Timeless Imperial Amethyst
Yellow: Quick Sun’s Radiance, Forceful Wild Jade
Blue: Solid River’s Heart, Timeless Imperial Amethyst
Prismatic: Solid River’s Heart, Quick Sun’s Radiance
Meta: Burning Primal Diamond, Forlorn Primal Diamond


Blacksmithing and Engineering bring the most to the table for a PVP focused Balance Druid.

The perks you will use with the above professions are:

Balance PVP Spec Druid in Action

About This Build

Although there is no commentary on this video I think its a great look at some of the crazy things a Boomkin can pull off in Arenas. If you are looking for a reason to roll a Boomy, here it is.

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