Hunter PvP Spec

Hunters are the only ranged DPS class in World of Warcraft that use non-magical means to do damage. Hunters are dangerous on the run and rarely will a skilled Hunter be standing still in PVP combat.  Here are three great Hunter PvP specs for Warcraft 6.0.3, with discussions of how the patch has changed the hunter.

Choose Your Specialization

Beast Mastery

Unleash the beast.


Master sniper.


Live through anything.

Hunters are pure ranged DPS and no longer require melee weapons at all. In earlier iterations of World of Warcraft the Hunter had a "Dead Zone" where they could not fire their weapons and needed to draw melee weapons to attack or defend. This is no longer the case and point blank damage can be done with guns and bows.

The hunter is available to most races and uses Mail armor. Hunters may choose between bow, gun, or crossbow as a weapon.

More Specs

  • Damage Profile: Balanced
  • Defensive Profile: High

Survival Hunter Spec Guide

The Survival Hunter may not be as popular as Beast Mastery in 5.3 but they pack a punch and can easily dominate in PVP. Check the vid and guide on how

  • Damage Profile: High
  • Defensive Profile: Balanced

Marksmanship Hunter PVP Spec Guide

Although the Marksmanship Hunter is becoming a rare commodity post 5.3 they still pour out the damage. Check out our guide and find out why.

  • Damage Profile: Balanced
  • Defensive Profile: Balanced

Beast Mastery Hunter PVP Spec Guide

This is the traditional hunter that uses her pet to its full potential. Develop synergy with your pet and bring down your enemies before they get anywhere near you.

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