Monk PvP Spec

Monks are masters of hand-to-hand combat, and although they do equip weapons, these are used only for finishing moves. Melee Monks use devastating control combined with high DPS to cripple and take down their enemies. Healing Monks when played properly seem to be almost immortal to anyone trying to take them down. The Brewmaster Monks are the strongest drunks in the land.

Choose Your Specialization


Drink them to death


Heal your allies


Kung Fu their asses

Get the latest Monk PvP spec for the Warcraft 5.2 patch. It seems monks got a good boost when it comes to dueling, arenas, and BGs, so it might be time to adjust your build. Here are some of the latest specs:

More Specs

  • Damage Profile: High
  • Defensive Profile: Balanced


Yes this is Kung Fu Panda, so be the Dragon Warrior and kick some ass.

  • Damage Profile: Low
  • Defensive Profile: High


Your Kung Fu is strong so use it to heal your allies. They will thank you for it after they are done laughing.

  • Damage Profile: Balanced
  • Defensive Profile: Balanced


As it is with so many, your strength comes from booze. So drink up Dragon Warrior and get sloppy.

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