Paladin PvP Spec

Always a versatile class for BGs and arenas, the basic Paladin PvP spec didn’t change much with the latest patch. So pick a side, pick a spec, and smite down your enemies! Here are 3 of the best specs for your character, whether you play a Holy or a Ret Pally.

Choose Your Specialization


Smite evil.


Shield your allies.


Heal the weak.

Paladins are holy warriors that defend the weak and smite the wicked. A hybrid class with elements of both the warrior and the cleric Paladins are versatile on the battlefield. Paladins can be the following races:

  • Humans
  • Dwarves
  • Draenei
  • Blood Elves
  • Tauren

In PVP Paladins of any spec can last a long time. Plate armor combined with the healing ability available to any spec a paladin is going to require a great deal of punishment to take down. Retribution paladins sacrifice some of this durability in order to focus down a target with crazy burst damage, but they are still a powerful defensive force. Silence and spell interrupts are going to be needed to deal with these holy warriors.

Holy Paladin PvP Spec

Ret Paladin PvP Spec

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