Priest PvP Spec

Priests are often referred to as the Masters of Healing and when World of Warcraft was released they were often looked at as the default healer that other healers were compared too. Although this is no longer the case Priests are still amazing healers, and an argument could be made they are the best. It is surprising then that Shadow Priests can also out damage most classes given the right circumstances. Go figure.

Choose Your Specialization


Shield them from evil.


Rend their souls.


Bring them salvation.

Whether you have a Shadow Priest PvP spec or you like to play Holy or Disc, the latest patch has made some changes to how those specs are setup. Here is the latest info on changes to the main Priest builds:

Shadow Priest PvP Spec

Disc Priest PvP Spec

Holy Priest PvP Spec

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